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How to Choose a Pick-and-Pack Fulfillment Service Company

As a business, it is important that your customers get their order as efficiently and quickly as possible. If a customer receives an item late, that is damages, or that contains the wrong item, not only will you have to possibly give them a refund and lose money, but you could also damage the reputation of your company. This is why a pick and pack fulfilment service is such a great idea and can save you time, money and from any potential future disasters with orders.

What is pick and pack? Pick and pack is the process of centralized distribution and is what happens once an order has been placed from an online store. It is the process of picking out the product which has been sold, packing it, then adding a shipping label and invoice, getting it ready to be shipped to the recipient. It is something that you can do yourself, but can end up draining a lot of your time and resources. This is why more people are turning to pick and pack fulfilment services to get this done for them. Each pick and pack service works slightly different and with a few different methods. It is important to have a solid pick and pack strategy to ensure that products are put together and sent out in a timely and efficient manner to best benefit your company. The pick and pack company will know which method is best for your type of business and look at factors such as what products you are selling and your sales volumes.

How to choose a pick and pack fulfilment service company

If you are looking into a pick and pack fulfilment service, there are many benefits from doing so. It is important to do your research online and find a company that has great reviews, offers all you need and a good communication service. Be sure to speak to them on the phone to address and questions or concerns before opting for them.

How a pick and pack fulfilment service company can assist you.

A hassle-free process

As a business owner you will have enough to worry about, without thinking of the pick and pack process. Your main aim should be on bringing in new customers and dealing with elements such as marketing your company, your in-house staff, developing new products and your future growth plans. By hiring a pick and pack company you don’t need to worry about this side of things and are left to worry about the more important and logistical aspects.

It is more efficient

 As dedicated experts who have worked in the field for many years, a pick and pack service know exactly how to work to fulfil the most orders possible. They are highly trained and experts in the field, meaning you don’t need to go through the hassle of hiring someone new yourself. The staff members all come as part of the package and will work to get the work done as quickly and as efficiently as they can. They are not for you to worry about training or showing the ropes as that is all taken care of for you.

There are a range of packaging options to suit everyone

Depending on your products, you may want your packaging to suit. By choosing a Pick and Pack Fulfilment service you will have a varied choice of packaging to choose for your products to be shipped in. This includes everything from recycled and recyclable packaging, to void fill option as standard. No matter if your product requires mailing, bags, book wraps or boxes you can rest assured your parcels will be delivered to your customers safe, sound and in the best choice.

Options for customisation

The company will also sort your packing slip and shipping label who will customise this with your brand’s business details and logo, so they know who the parcel is coming from. Depending on how many orders you get, you could also get packaging that is fully customisable and branded to your company’s logo and designs.

It is more cost-effective

 If you have a company that sells products, you will need somewhere to store these. A Pick and Pack service can easily and secure your items ready for pick, pack and dispatch, negating the need for your own space. It can be tricky for you to know how much room you will need as product numbers can fluctuate through the year. This way you don’t end up paying for a space you don’t need, as they sort it all out for you.

It can increase your customer satisfaction

By using a pick and pack service, you can easily streamline your process. This means that customers can get their products quicker, making them more satisfied and likely to recommend you and bring in more sales going forward.

These are just a few ways that a pick and pack fulfilment service can benefit your company today. Ensure you do your research to find the best company.


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